Year in Review: 2011

It seems like yesterday I was writing our first “end of the year” blog … and here we are again already.

The end of the year is always a nice time for reflection. To take stock and, most importantly, count our blessings. Adopters, Volunteers, Board Members, Donors, FaceBook & Twitter friends – we thank you immensely. The following list would not have been possible without ALL of YOU!

Karma Cat + Zen Dog 2011 recap:

  • 31 community cats (ferals) trapped, neutered (& vaccinated), and returned (TNR-ed!)

That’s 222 cats SAVED!

  • 2 awesome adoption centers
  • 42 regular volunteers and fosters
  • 1 Hurricane that made a ginormous mess of Central NJ
  • 3,340 lbs of cat litter
  • 24 large bags of cat food for the adoption centers
  • 60 cases of wet cat food for the adoption centers
  • countless loads of laundry … we’d keep better track but it would be too depressing from an environmental standpoint
  • 280 Clavamox pills used (antibiotic for the common upper respiratory infection)
  • 21 kittens/cats treated for ringworm … ringworm should be one of those “four-letter-words”
  • 97 visits to our veterinarians … the larger the font, the more visits that kitty had to make (list does not include spay/neuter surgeries or cats seen by veterinarians courtesy of other organizations/people)
  • 67 spay/neuter surgeries not including TNR surgeries (note: some cats are already spayed/neutered when they come to us)

I thought about including a few pictures from this year, but seeing the names of all the cats that you helped us save speaks volumes.

Did you know that 2012 is a leap year? What will you do with your extra day? Donate some cash? Donate time volunteering at our adoption centers? Donate lots of time by fostering? Whatever it is, we know we are in good company … wishing you the best for 2012!


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  • Merkendall

    I’m so proud of you and the organization! I feel honored to have the 2 of your rescues in my humble abode! Happy New Year Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue, I look forward to hearing about all your further success stories! :)

  • Leash1316

    How is Duncan doing???  Has he been adopted yet???

  • Christie

    @2dc1d455db9998de610af070f4f0d79d:disqus – we were saving this news until it is official (tomorrow), but YES, duncan is adopted … one of our volunteers fell in love with him and has decided to bring him home! :)

  • Lisa

    The year in review graphics are a brilliant idea! Amazing impact as we search for the names of specific cats that have touched our hearts.

  • Tommyjon

    Congrats on your terrific graphic presentations and a stellar year!
    I saw Kandy as leading the pack. Thanks for trying so hard to make her whole.

  • Tommyjon

    Well Done, Christie and all.
    What good work you’re doing for the sweet ones!
    Thanks and wishes for continued success.

  • Elp7865

    This was sweet, but you missed our kitty, we adopted Pearl from you, and I didn’t find her on the list, so you did even better than you thought. :)

    • KarmaCat ZenDog

      She’s on there! All the way on the right side, vertical blue font, under Peter. :)

  • Moutlaw_2012

    Aww this is so sweet. My kitty Everest is missing(or maybe I just can’t see his name.) If he really isn’t up there, that means you’ve saved 223 cats! Congratulations!

  • Moutlaw_2012

    Wait, no! I found him!! How exciting!