Why does Just One Day matter?

In the USA, in just one day, over 10,000 animals are killed/euthanized in our animal shelters. Multiply that by 365 days a year and you get over 3.65 million animals killed/euthanized. This number represents animals that have escaped their homes, animals that have been abandoned, animals that had no where else to go because their families fell on hard financial times, animals left to fend for themselves that reverted to a feral disposition.

SugarOn average, if each animal shelter in the USA adopts out or transfers to rescue groups an extra three animals on June 11, the USA can become a no kill nation, even if it is for Just One Day. And if we can do it then, we can also do it on June 12 for Just Another Day …

Municipal shelters: engage your local rescue groups and work together, transfer animals out to rescue groups, hold special adoption events. Be part of Just One Day and engage your community to help you – they want to be there for you, they want to help you!!

Rescue groups: reach out to your local shelter and take in a few more animals, help them network their animals, hold special adoption or spay/neuter events. It’s not about “us versus them” – working together we can make much more progress!

New Jersey Residents: Please sign this petition to Governor Chris Christie to show how much we love our animals and that we need his support. Your political affiliation is irrelevant, this is about our animals: http://signon.org/s/er3YOw


Learn more about Just One Day at their website: http://www.justoneday.ws/

Read about the No Kill Equation at the No Kill Advocacy’s website: http://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org/shelter-reform/no-kill-equation/

Adopt, Volunteer, Donate

Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Ghandi


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