Kandy. Kandy Pants. Tiny Cat. Little Spoon.

Early this morning, our little fighter lost her battle after 5 years and 2 months.

An eternity too short.

You will be missed more than you know.

Baby Kandy, image courtesy Michelle Arlotta Photography
Kandy Face, image courtesy Michelle Arlotta Photography

Kandy Face, image courtesy Michelle Arlotta Photography

For those of you that don’t know Kandy’s story, it is one of triumph, perseverance and the most adorable face ever to grace this planet.

You can read about her early life here: http://karmacatzendog.org/2011/06/29/kandys-fight/

She came to Karma Cat + Zen Dog as a teeny tiny baby with her 2 siblings (Samantha & Jamie). After all three were rejected by the surrogate momma cat, they were bottle fed … and Kandy faced many medical battles that year (2011). She fought and we didn’t give up – eventually she was healthy enough to be spayed but her FeLV/FIV status meant that we needed to find a very special adopter for our Kandy Pants.



We hit the jackpot when Carolyn adopted her in 2013: http://karmacatzendog.org/2013/03/25/kandycat/

Office Cat Kandy, image courtesy Michelle Arlotta Photography

Kandy was finally out of the office and into a real home! She made herself the queen of the bedroom – peering out the windows and knocking things off the dressers. Playing with the water drops in the shower was a daily activity. She kept her human momma company every night, hence earning the nickname “Little Spoon”.

Our hearts break for Carolyn and the loss of her tiny cat.


Spunky Kandy


Kandy shaped Karma Cat + Zen Dog back in 2011. We fight for all the animals that we take in and love. And even though we all hurt when we lose a soul from this planet, we don’t give up. We explore options, we research, we find the experts and we do the best we can for the animals in our care every single day.

We would much rather have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.


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