From holiday cards and birthday party invitations to new baby and wedding announcements, celebrate your special moments with our customizable Picaboo greeting cards!

With our Picaboo greeting cards, you can send your loved ones a card customized with your very own photos – for a good cause. 50% of the proceeds from each order will support the Karma Cat + Zen Dog mission to provide a safe and peaceful haven for homeless, abandoned or abused animals, and the information about our organization on the back of each card will help spread awareness and support the important work we do for our community.

Our beautiful cards come in two varieties:

1. The “Basic Card,” which allows you to create a greeting card with one large singular image, with Karma Cat + Zen Dog’s information on the card back.

2. And the “Basic Collage,” which allows you to use multiple photos to create a photo collage on the front of your greeting card, with Karma Cat + Zen Dog’s information on the card back.

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Who Are The Kitties On The Cards?

We’re glad you asked! Our Picaboo cards feature three Karma Cats: Willow, Jinx and Anisette.

Willow (left side on card)

When Willow was rescued with her siblings during a TNR operation, she was very timid and didn’t want anything to do with her foster mom. Through lots of patience and dedication, Willow was transformed into loving house cat who ended up being adopted by another volunteer. Now she has a family of her own including 3 tuxedo cat brothers!


Jinx (top right on card)

Jinx was adopted several years ago to a bustling home with cats, kids, and busy adults. He didn’t get the attention he needed so he retreated into a room, and himself, and rarely sought out his people. Realizing that Jinx was miserable, the family reached out for help. We took him back and placed him with an experienced foster who was able to bring him out of his shell to find his confidence again. Jinx was adopted by a long time supporter of ours and he now rules the home with his adopter brother Cheddar!


Anisette (bottom right on card)

Ani, as she is lovingly called by volunteers, was pulled from a local shelter when she was labeled as unadoptable and slated for euthanasia. We took her in, put her on a weight loss program, and got her down to a svelte 13 pounds. Even though she is healthy and happy, we are still looking for Ani’s perfect forever home. Until then, she will continue to be our office cat where she ensures all chores and paperwork are completed correctly and on time.


Have questions about our Picaboo greeting card program? Please contact us today or leave us a comment below!

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