Lovable Leo is a sweet and adorable boy! With his soft white fur, orange tabby markings, and big inquisitive eyes, he’s very handsome. At around three years old, Leo is still very playful, and enjoys all kinds of toys. He loves human companionship, but can entertain himself independently as well. He’s friendly, and likes to be pet, and brushed. Leo would love an interactive play session with a wand toy, followed by a nice nap in the sunbeams while you read, or watch a movie.

Although sweet Leo is FIV Positive, he is very healthy, and shouldn’t require any special care outside of the normal routine veterinary care you’d provide for any cat. Research shows that FIV positive kitties can live with other non-aggressive FIV negative kitties safely! Leo is non-aggressive, and gets along well with his foster brother; he would be happy as an only cat, or in a home with other non-aggressive resident cats. Leo is FeLV negative, up to date with vaccinations, flea treated, microchipped, and neutered. His birthday is estimated to be around 12/14/2014.

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