Welcome to Adoption Tails, our new blog series that focuses on your pet’s unique and special journey!

To kick off this special series we have the story of Samantha and Scout, a set of adorable rescued siblings that came so far and achieved the dream: a loving forever home.

Initial Rescue

The story of Samantha and Scout, like many of the pets we work with, started on the streets. One of our volunteers found a litter of kittens, and took it upon themselves to rescue the six little babies, two of which were Samantha and Scout. By the way, they were VERY shy, but with the help of our socializers and our loving foster home environments (which you are about to learn more about), Samantha and Scout underwent an incredible transformation…

Foster Home Life

As told by Samantha and Scout’s former foster cat dad, Doug.

I’ve never met a pair of cats quite as special as these two!

Samantha and Scout were my foster cats for a few weeks, and I don’t think I ever stopped smiling while they were around. They’re siblings and they adore each other so much … and they adore humans!

Samantha would often follow me around, and Scout would often follow Samantha around. He gladly let her run the show. She’s curious and loves to play and explore. He kept up with her during playtime, and loved to curl up on a lap when he was worn out. They are the kindest, calmest bonded pair I’ve ever met, and they’re so lovable. They need their own show on Cartoon Network. Just look at them!

They love attention, each other, toy mice and wand toys. It was nearly impossible not to fall madly in love with them.

Adoption Center Stars

This dynamite brother-and-sister duo did more than just steal the heart of their foster dad – they stole the hearts of ALL of our volunteers!

Always glued to each other’s side, Samantha and Scout always kept every Karma Cat + Zen Dog volunteer company. They were the first cats to greet you at the door, and even “helped” with paperwork.

But they continued to melt even more hearts (are you seeing a pattern here?) In fact, they won over just the right people…

A Forever Home At Last

On one fateful day, a family came to our Milltown Adoption Center looking for a pair of cats who had been around a little while and needed a good home. It was absolutely no surprise when the potential adopter clicked with Samantha and Scout!

Shortly after, the family was approved to adopt the sibling duo, and we’re proud to report that the cats are doing great in their new home.

Per the adopters:

Sammy has already made herself quite at home (and staked her claim on everything)! My husband had brought them home and put them in a room so they could get comfortable. When I got home from work and slowly peeked into the room, Sammy couldn’t wait to get out and explore. Scout, on the other hand, is a little bit more hesitant. He’s spent much of his time under the blanket hanging down at the foot of our bed (just like he did in his foster home!)

We’re so proud of Samantha and Scout’s incredible growth and progress, which couldn’t have happened without our volunteer and foster family – and the Jackson Galaxy Cat Pawsitive program! This is just one example of the forever home magic that can happen when you open your heart and love, support and be patient with adoptable animals.


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