Did you know that according to Consumer Reports, over a quarter of the US population has tried CBD? CBD’s online popularity has also grown a whopping 260%. Needless to say, CBD is extremely popular – and not just for humans. That’s right, today we’re talking CBD pet treats!

What is CBD?

It’s likely that you’ve heard the term “CBD,” but what exactly is it? CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the over 100 identified cannabinoids found naturally in cannabis plants and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract.

Here are some quick facts about CBD:

  • CBD won’t get you high
  • CBD oil made from hemp is legal in all 50 US states
  • CBD has many natural benefits, and can be helpful with pain, inflammation, arthritis/joint pain, digestive problems, seizures/epilepsy, anxiety/depression, and more
  • CBD can also help pets!

What are CBD Pet Treats?

Just like CBD can help humans with many ailments, it can do the same thing for pets! Common pet CBD products include CBD oil that is added to pet food, topical CBD treatments, and CBD treats/edibles.

Click here to learn more about CBD and how to decide if it could be helpful to your pet.

One popular way to administer CBD to your pet, if you choose to do so, is through CBD pet treats. Some pets may not like the taste of direct CBD oil, and what better way to mask the oil than in a delicious treat? An additional benefit of giving your pet CBD treats is that the dosage instructions can be easier to follow than when administering straight CBD oil.

CBD pet treats come in many forms and flavors, including:

  • Biscuits
  • Bites
  • Soft chews
  • Peanut butter and coconut oil
  • Flavors such as pumpkin spice, bacon, green apple, chicken, salmon, tuna, turkey, and more

But, how do you choose CBD pet treats?

Qualities to Look for in CBD Pet Treats

Not all CBD pet treats are created equal. When choosing a CBD pet treat supplier, be sure to look for the below qualities to ensure you’re choosing authentic, safe, and high-quality products:

High quality ingredients:

Look for CBD pet treats that feature all-natural and non-GMO ingredients. Even better are treats made of organic, human-grade ingredients, such as human-grade eggs, and treats that are soy-free.


You don’t want any old treat for your pet(s). By choosing a treat supplier whose products are lab-tested, you know that your treats will be high-quality, effective, and safe. A good rule of thumb to look for is whether the treat supplier makes Certificates of Analysis available for the public to view.

Customer support:

It’s natural to have questions during any purchase, whether you need help selecting the right product, you have questions regarding the delivery of your product, and more. Select a treat supplier with solid customer support so that it’s easy to get in touch when you need to. Look for an online form with a transparent time-frame of when you will hear back, human customer support representatives, and/or a support hotline.

A solid reputation:

The internet is a lovely place to get a wide range of reviews on virtually any product. Before choosing a new CBD pet treat supplier, be sure to both search for reviews on them as a company, as well as check out their website to see if reviews are available on particular products.

Products for multiple pets:

Last but not least, it’s not necessary, but it can be nice to choose a treat supplier that offers products for multiple kinds of pets (for example, cats, dogs, and horses).

Note: Please consult your vet if your pet is on any medication currently, or if you have any additional questions about CBD and your pet.

We hope that these CBD tips were helpful! If you’re looking for more pet resources, please click here.

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