We were contacted about four cats that were left in an apartment when their owner, a retired air force sergeant, died. We were told that this woman did a lot of animal rescue work and we are going to honor her by caring for these kitties.

Due to the circumstances of their owner’s death – many, many people have been in and out of the apartment … police, coroner, movers and cleaners. The apartment was emptied within several days leaving the cats behind – their only place to hide being the kitchen cabinets … and walls.

A friend and neighbor of this woman continued to care for the cats – but they needed to be moved ASAP, the landlord was not happy about them still being there. So all four cats were caught, taken to a clinic for FeLV/FIV testing (all negative) and distemper/rabies vaccinations – thanks to that kind neighbor/friend.

These cats are not young, or perfect. A shelter with no space and no foster network would have euthanized them. We are really glad that we were able to help them.

Ironman – all grey and beautiful … with no teeth and semi-matted fur. This sweet boy eats whatever you put in front of him (dry food included!) but his breath was awful. Ironman is in early stages of kidney disease – we will monitor him and try to get him to eat the foods that are better for his condition. When you hold him, he hugs you with his long and strong front paws – precious.

Captain Jack – cute tabby with white fur … and, you guessed it, only one eye! The missing eye isn’t really an issue for him, it just is. Captain Jack will get a dental exam/cleaning and some bloodwork in December. He is a super sweet boy, but a little skittish.

Clarence – oh-my-gosh-gorgeous orange long hair! He is the most active of the bunch … and by far the biggest. He is probably at least part Norwegian Forest Cat. Clarence had his dental exam/cleaning and he did quite well. His bloodwork came back normal. He’s about 10 years old and now looking for his forever home.

Milo – the scared orange boy that was hiding in the kitchen wall. Sadly, Milo lost his fight with kidney disease in December. He was loved by his amazing foster home and even though they only had him for a couple of weeks, he will be dearly missed.

THIS is what rescue groups were originally conceived to do … rescue those that do not have an alternative, from situations that are extreme and unexpected. Again, we’re just glad we could be there for this one situation.


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