I’ve posted before about why PeTA doesn’t deserve your money. And I’ve alluded to why the ASPCA and the HSUS doesn’t deserve your money. And maybe some of you thought, “Oh, Christie, why are you even bothering to write about those big organizations – they must be good if they are that big.”

Well, they aren’t. Maybe they used to be, but they have lost their way …

Forbes magazine posted their 15 Key Insights From 2011 From 15 Key Thinkers And Writers article on 12/13/11 and it was quickly reposted all over FaceBook by No Kill advocates. If you open the link and go to page 3, you will see the following:

8. The pet stays in the picture

Martica Heaner PhD, is a New York City-based nutritionist and exercise physiologist, and a weight-loss expert for MSN.com.

A highlight of 2011: Most people assume that the ASPCA, one of the largest and most well-funded animal-rights groups in the world, who profess to prevent cruelty to animals, would be all for advocating that homeless cats and dogs not be killed at animal shelters. Not so. A big eye opener: The ASPCA has actively fought to prevent cities from establishing no-kill shelters and aggressively fights bills proposed in local city councils that aim to reduce the number of innocent animals being killed. Another shocker? PETA, does too. The true protectors of animals are not the bureaucracy-rich animal rights organizations, but smaller groups and individuals. Nathan Winograd, author of Redemption, and Stanford-law-educated ex-criminal prosecutor and corporate attorney, is the founder of a growing no-kill-shelter movement—and gets my vote for most important intellectual this year. His no-kill actions challenge the status quo by thinking beyond the box. He’s developed a creative and realistic plan that many cities are successfully using to save most of their homeless animals. New York City’s ACC, who murders hundreds of cats and dogs each week needs to reform and implement his ideas.

Leaders in the No Kill movement have said this brings the topic into the mainstream. Kerry from Pets Alive blogged about what it means … with my favorite part quoted here:

The masses have spoken.
The people have spoken.

People WANT no kill.

That paragraph in Forbes magazine will reach so many people that haven’t even considered the state of animal sheltering in this country. And that is a very good thing. So, send back those donation envelopes to the ASPCA, HSUS and PeTA empty or only include a note that says “I want a No Kill Nation!”

Be ready for the change.

Be ready to see this country move even closer to a No Kill Nation.

Be ready to be a part of it … we certainly are and we’re glad you are with us.

With hope,


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