While we truly believe that every animal is special, there are some adoptions that stand out for various reasons. If you follow us, you know we like to focus on the positive aspects of what we do. That doesn’t change with this blog entry, but I will try to convey why this adoption is so heart-warming to the volunteers of Karma Cat + Zen Dog.

Whiskers or Whiskey:


Whiskers/Whiskey at the North Brunswick Petsmart

Whiskers was rescued by kind citizens that wanted to save a litter of kittens from the streets of New Brunswick. Unfortunately, they were allergic to cats and their kitten socialization skills were not the greatest. So, Whiskers and her siblings spent a lot of time in a large dog crate and didn’t receive the necessary handling from humans.

Eventually, Whiskers and her siblings made their way into our organization and into one of our foster homes. They were scared, hissing little balls of fur. Their foster really turned the kittens around and all were adopted by the time they were 6 months old … except Whiskers. She was the shy one, who was sometimes hissy … and she absolutely hated to be at the Petsmart adoption hours. She bounced from adoption center to foster home to adoption center and back to foster homes for the better part of a year. All the volunteers loved her as soon as they got to know her – but adopters weren’t ready to risk taking home “the shy tuxedo cat”.

We even changed her name slightly so we could completely revamp her Petfinder.com profile. Still, no luck. We really started to think Whiskey was going to spend her life with our organization. She would always be safe with us and we would never turn our backs on her, but it’s not the perfect life for any cat.

And just when you think things may never change … they do, for the better!

One of our founding members, Michelle, was visiting (and photographing some of the adoptables) and she decided to take a nap before driving back home. Well, Whiskey decided to join her – and she curled up on Michelle’s belly. Whiskey must have worked some magic with her purring because Michelle just couldn’t get her off her mind. So, on May 8, Whiskey made the trip to Michelle’s house … on a trial basis since there were already two cats and a very old doggie occupying the home. In just a short time, Whiskey became known as Phoebe and we all knew she had found her forever home.


Phoebe – chillin’ on top of the kitchen cabinets

Whiskey/Phoebe images courtesy Michelle Arlotta Photography.

All things are possible until they are proved impossible and even the impossible may only be so, as of now.
~Pearl S. Buck

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