While we truly believe that every animal is special, there are some adoptions that stand out for various reasons. If you follow us, you know we like to focus on the positive aspects of what we do. That doesn’t change with this blog entry, but I will try to convey why this adoption is so heart-warming to the volunteers of Karma Cat + Zen Dog.


Dylan at Edgebrook

Dylan at the Edgebrook Adoption Center, photos by Michelle Arlotta Photography

Dylan was brought into a local animal shelter as a teeny-tiny kitten in the early spring of 2011. This sweet, but shy, boy was over-looked time and time again. The shelter took great care of him but as he got older, he became even more shy. We were able to transfer him into our organization at the very beginning of 2012.

He spent time at both of our adoption centers and in foster homes. He was moved around a bit to keep him engaged and so as many people as possible could meet him. He absolutely hated being at the weekend adoption hours and didn’t really like the Petsmart Adoption Center much either. This made it very difficult for potential adopters to see how awesome Dylan really was. At the Edgebrook Adoption Center he was known to play like crazy and even curl up on your lap. In his foster home, he got along well with the other cats and loved to hog all the affection from the humans. We took videos of him to post online, featured him in the local newspaper … we knew the right person was out there for our sweet boy.

Finally, a potential adopter that had been looking and looking, and thinking and thinking about adopting a cat came along. She wasn’t sure which cat was right for her … this would be her first. Friends were giving her all kinds of advice: get a kitten! don’t get a kitten! get one! get two! get a boy! don’t get a boy! Oh my!

In the end, it was Dylan’s description online that touched her and she had to meet him. In true Dylan-form, he was indifferent at the meeting but she was in love anyway. So, we all held our breath for a week before checking in to see how he was doing …

Dylan at Home

Dylan, enjoying the comforts of home – images by his adopter

Well, he’s settled in just fine and is slowly coming out of his shell. His adopter writes (edited for clarity and length):

7/20/12 (5 days after the adoption): Dylan is doing really well! He has come out of his shy shell and is very playful and affectionate, although still skittish with sudden movements and loud noises. I LOVE him and am so glad I picked him. He’s quirky and hilarious and beautiful and such a good cat.

8/22/12: I just loooooove him and he has truly made himself at home. Though he still is a big meow-head sometimes, he is extremely playful and affectionate. He continues to get pretty tense when someone new comes around, but no longer spends the entire visit hiding in the corner under the bed. I’m so grateful for him. Thank you for the work that you do!

No, thank YOU for taking the chance on our sweet boy!!

All things are possible until they are proved impossible and even the impossible may only be so, as of now.
~Pearl S. Buck

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