My, my – how time flies! We are approaching the third anniversary of the┬áKarma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society in March 2013!! The following list would not have been possible without ALL of YOU!

154 cats adopted this year:

Cats adopted in 2012

32 cats still in our care (as of 1/1/13 – some of these have been adopted but many more have been added!):

Start 2013

87 cats TNR’ed (trapped-neutered-returned)!


That’s 273 cats saved!

Amazing, awesome, wonderful, inspiring, encouraging, heartening, and uplifting!

What makes this organization tick?

It’s the 50 volunteers that give up hours each and every week. Driving miles after a long day at work … traveling through the ridiculous NJ weather we’ve had – sleet, rain, snow, wind! Spending extra time because certain kitties were aspleep in their lap or needed 30 minutes of chin rubs (THIRTY MINUTES!). The volunteers that listen to their friends and/or co-workers tell them stories of woe of why they can’t keep their cat/dog/rabbit or why they can’t adopt.

It’s the scores of supporters and donors that send their hard earned money to us knowing that they are changing the life of an animal. Liking and sharing our pictures and stories on FaceBook and Twitter. Telling their friends and family members to ADOPT, DONATE or VOLUNTEER because they have seen what a rescue group can do.

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