Take 1: kitten gets adopted but spends his first year being bullied by other cats in the house

Take 2: barely adult cat gets rehomed but then spends a year with not enough attention and develops a massive bladder infection caused by urinary crystals


Take 3: adult cat spends time in a foster home recovering with medications and special food …

quincy 3S3A3308a

image courtesy of Michelle Arlotta Photography

The Final Cut: Quincy finds a wonderful forever home with a family and one other cat that is already eating a similar special diet!

quincy 3S3A3376a

image courtesy of Michelle Arlotta Photography

Sometimes it takes a few tries for a cat to find the right home. There’s a cat (or several) out there for every person/family/situation and there’s a home/caregiver for every cat! We just need to continue to work together to save these animals. Did you know that 45% of cats surrendered to (reporting) municipal shelters in New Jersey were killed (“euthanized”) in 2014? (The 2015 numbers are not available yet). Did you know that you can help to change that statistic?





Together, we can make a huge impact.

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