Who doesn’t love kittens? They’re fuzzy, playful bundles of joy that you can’t help but adore (even if they have “party hour” at night sometimes!)

Kitten Season, however, is not so cute. Starting in spring and ending in fall, cats who are not spayed and neutered mate, creating thousands of homeless litters that flood animal shelters and rescue groups.

Despite the challenges of Kitten Season, there are many ways to chip in and contribute to making sure every cat and kitten has a loving home. Here are four ways you can help:

  1. Spay/Neuter: The number one thing you can do to cut down on feline homelessness is to spay/neuter your pets, and spread the word to others to do so. Cats as young as five months old can reproduce, so spaying/neutering as soon as possible is important. Generally, vets can alter cats at two months of age, so be sure to make an appointment for your kitty if he/she is not already spayed/neutered. If you or someone you know needs help affording the fee, please visit this page to find a low-cost program.
  1. Foster/Adopt: All of those homeless kittens need a place to call home. By fostering or adopting, you alleviate the burden on rescue organizations, give a cute cat a loving home and get a new best friend! What’s not to love? Check out two of our most recent Adoptable kittens, Oliver and Gatsby:

Oliver Kitten Season

Gatsby Kitten Season

  1. Donate: Whether it’s your time, pet supplies or money, every bit of generosity helps Karma Cat (and other organizations) battle homelessness. Be sure to let us know if you’re interesting in volunteering or donating – we appreciate all the help we can get!
  1. Remember the Adults, Too! Kittens tend to get most of the attention during Kitten Season, but it’s just as important to remember the adult cats, too! Say hello to two of our finest adult Adoptables, Bruce and Cindy:

Bruce Kitten Season

Cindy Kitten Season


If you have any questions about how you can help cats and kittens of all ages, or any of our Adoptables,  please leave a comment below or contact us today.

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