As many of you may have heard, 86 animals were found living in deplorable conditions in a condo in West New York, NJ. All the animals were housed in one room, most of them in cages. Well, surely it must have been a large room?


The room was approximately 81 square feet. That is roughly equivalent to 3 queen-sized mattresses. I won’t post the pictures/videos of the room – it’s as horrible as you can imagine. You can read the original news reports here and here.

How could this happen?

Did the three people accused of 86 counts of animal abuse start out with good intentions? Were they rescuers that got overwhelmed? Or, as the news articles infer, were the people “allegedly taking money to adopt and care for unwanted animals”? Emaciated and sick – living in their own waste – in a room with such toxic odors that first responders had to wear haz-mat suits.

THIS IS NOT RESCUE. This is not sheltering. Hell, this isn’t even “animals for resale”.

Rescue is saving the whole animal – physically and emotionally. Today we will do our small part by taking four of the cats with help from The Lucky Cat Rescue. We don’t have a shelter with an isolation room so these four cats will go directly to a gracious foster home that is opening up their spare bathroom to the cats. Veterinary appointments have already been made so the cats can be re-examined, FeLV/FIV tested, vaccinated and flea treated. From there, the cats will move into traditional foster homes and their spay/neuter surgeries will be scheduled.

Tabby with White
Muted Calico

Estimated cost for just these four cats: $720

You can help!

Thank you to all our volunteers, donors and supporters – it’s your love that allows us to continue saving animals the right way!

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