Summertime is fun – it’s the season of barbecuing, hitting the beach and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Summer, however, also means it’s time to give your pet’s safety your full attention. Here are 7 tips to keep your cat or dog cool, safe and happy this summer!


  1. Know the Signs – Watch for the warning signs of heat exhaustion: excessive panting/breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, weakness. In more extreme cases, your pet may experience seizures, vomiting, bloody diarrhea or a body temperature over 104 degrees. Contact your vet right away if you suspect heat exhaustion is occurring.

  2. Watch the Clock – If you take your pet outside, save that for the early morning or evening hours of the day, when the air and ground is cooler and the sun is less direct.

  3. Find Some Shade – Have to take your pet outside during the middle of the day? Make sure you find a shady spot for them, or make one by bringing an umbrella.

  4. Raincheck – Even if your pet loves the great outdoors, sometimes it’s smarter and safer to leave them at home if there is a chance they will be uncomfortable outside. Don’t worry, they will forgive you! Give them a raincheck by taking them outside during cooler hours.

  5. H2-Oh Yes! – Pets get dehydrated quickly, especially in the heat, so make sure you keep a supply of fresh, cool water on hand for them. If you’re heading out, pack a few water bottles.

  6. Handle with (Special) Care – Certain breeds with flat-shaped faces (i.e. pugs, Persian cats, etc.) are more susceptible to heat stroke. If your pet’s face is flat-shaped, take extra caution and remember to keep extra water on hand. Also, if your pet is elderly, overweight or suffering from heart or lung disease, keep them inside in the AC as much as possible.

  7. Brush it Up! – Brush your pet to remove loose hair that may cause overheating, but be careful not to cut your pet’s fur short – fur protects your pet’s skin and giving them a short ‘do can cause sunburn.

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