You’ve probably heard of the phrase “adopt, don’t shop.” Chances are the “adopt” portion of that expression isn’t an option for you because of allergies, existing pets, financial constraints and more. Luckily here at Karma Cat + Zen Dog, there are plenty of other ways to help homeless pets in our area – without adopting (or breaking the bank)!


Here are the top five ways you can pitch in – no matter what your situation is:


1. Follow Us

Follow Us
One of the easiest ways you can help is by following us on our various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Commenting on our adoptable animals, joining our event pages and sharing our successes helps us spread the word about what is going on in our little corner of animal rescue. Just last week one of our posts went “viral” reaching almost 12,000 people — all because our followers commented and shared our good news. That’s 12,000 potential adopters, donors, volunteers and event attendees!

2. Volunteer

Another way to help us without spending a penny is to become a volunteer. We have so many different opportunities to work hands-on with our animals or behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. Get your kitty fix by becoming a volunteer at one of our locations to help clean, feed and play with our rescued felines who are awaiting a new home. We promise that being around the adoptable cats is easier than you think – and helping them find forever homes is so rewarding!

3. Foster

If you can’t adopt because of financial constraints – but have some spare room and time – you can become a foster home for our kitties! As a foster, you get all the fun of having a kitty in your home but none of the money worries because we provide all the food, litter and medical coverage you’ll need. When your foster hits the jackpot and gets adopted, you get to start again with another adorable animal in need of a temporary home.

4. Put Your Many Other Skills to Use

Allergic to cats but still want to see them saved? No problem! We have several ways you can help our cause without being around the animals. We are always happy to have help with event planning, grant writing, fundraising events, marketing and more! We can put all your skills to work for the animals!

5. Shop!

Who doesn’t love shopping?! We have several ways you can support our mission by engaging in some good old retail therapy:
• Buy your household essentials AND donate! Websites like iGive, Amazon Smile, and Chewy donate to us when you do your household shopping through their stores.
• Looking for the perfect, customized gift? Shop with one of our partners to receive unique goods made just for us, from jewelry and wine to personalized pet IDs and remote Wi-Fi pet cameras.
• Want to make sure our kitties never run out of tasty canned food? Become a recurring monthly donor and know you’ll be helping us even when you’re not thinking about it.

So, what’s the moral of our story today? “Adopt … AND shop … AND contribute all of your fantastic skills!” Contact us today to get started!



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