The loss of two special cats within a week brought a deep sadness to our volunteers and supporters. While we always try to do the best we can, sometimes this world just won’t accept our efforts.

RIP Angelo

Angelo James

Our gentle giant, Angelo James, lost his battle with congestive heart disease. He passed peacefully in the company of his foster momma. Angelo was rescued from a shelter, accompanied by his feline momma, Adele. While he never found his forever home, he spent his final months in a foster home where he was loved and spoiled. Rest easy, baby boy. We love and miss you.

RIP Adele


After Angelo James passed away, we took Adele to a veterinarian – we wanted to know if there was genetic issue that we needed to be worried about. Adele had a great exam, perfect blood work & chest x-ray results. However, she needed a dental cleaning & a tooth pulled so the dental procedure was scheduled. No one could have known that she wouldn’t make it through. We are devastated with the loss of this sweet cat.

Through the tears and heartbreak, I promise you that we will not give up on the many cats that still need us. On 12/7/16 we went to a local shelter to save a few kitties in honor of Adele and Angelo James. I can not think of a better way to create more love than loss in this world. Thank you to our loving volunteers, adopters and supporters for continually giving us the strength to continue.


So there are nine (yes, NINE) new Karma Cats in the ranks now! We will love each one for their unique personalities and we will continue to do our best to find them perfect, loving forever homes. While they wait, we will shower them with love and yummy wet meatz. Some say that cats do not understand the concept of tomorrow – that they live in the “here and now.” However, I’m pretty sure us lowly humans have not figured out the complexities of the cat to this extent! I can tell you that I see hope in the eyes of rescued cats … they recognize that they have been saved and they brighten just a bit. If you’ve never experienced this, I welcome you to adopt or volunteer … you won’t regret it!

Casey, Noodle, Oreo, Ralphie and Zara

Aston, Jason, Bentley, and Leesa

In Case You Missed It

NINE kitties were adopted to loving forever homes over the past five days! We are so happy that Reba, Dolly, Garth, Marie Curie, Luna, Morgan, Autumn, Jojo and Rigby found their perfect humans! And better yet, two more are scheduled to go home this weekend!

Autumn, Reba, Morgan, Dolly, Luna,
Garth and Marie Curie

Rigby and Jojo

We Need You

This organization is bigger than any one person … we are a family … as they say in Hawai’i: ‘ohana. Thank you for being our family! For volunteering, adopting, donating and supporting! Want to join us or do more – we are happy to expand this family. This holiday season we have a special “giving grid” happening online, check it out here: karmacatzendog.org/support/giving-grid/

Heartfelt thanks,



Christie Arlotta, Executive Director

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