It’s officially spring, and that means kitten season is here… and so is the season to kitten-proof!

We all know that many household items pose serious risk to small children, but you might not realize that some seemingly normal items can become dangerous to your feline friends, too. For example, it was found that one of our very own foster cats had ingested some no-no items in a previous home, including things like hair ties, plastic, fake nails and more. Don’t worry, the kitty had surgery and is all better now, but since it is such a relevant issue, hereĀ are 5 tips to keep your cats and kittens safe:

Tip 1: Remove These

Here are some common items to remove from your kitty’s reach:

Photo by Iker Urteaga on Unsplash

  • Twist ties
  • Strings
  • Loose nails/screws
  • Hair ties
  • Ribbons
  • Plastic bags
  • Sewing supplies
  • Small toys/game pieces
  • Erasers
  • And more! (Watch for any small choking hazards)

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Tip 2: Check Your Plants

Many plants are toxic to cats. Before bringing kitty home, research every plant in your house and make sure they are all safe and non-toxic to cats (and dogs too, if applicable). Be sure to check out our blog post to read more about which plants are safe and which are not.

Tip 3: Close The Lid

The toilet lid, that is! Keeping your toilet lid closed ensures kitty won’t fall in and possibly drown. Another good idea is to make sure your washer/dryer and garbage can lids are always closed.

Tip 4: Cool It

Photo by Ember + Ivory on Unsplash

To ensure your cat’s safety, make sure kitty doesn’t get too close to sources of heat like ovens, stoves, electric heaters and so on. If your cat gets too close to these, reinforce that these areas aren’t cat-safe by firmly saying “no” and removing kitty from the area.

Tip 5: Lock Your Screens

Lock all of your window screens so that if kitty is napping near the window, no accidents, like falling out, will happen. If you have windowpanes that are wide enough for your cat to sleep on, it might also be worth purchasing cat-proof window screens. And as always, keep an eye on your kitty when they’re near open windows… whether you have cat-proof screens or not!

Have a question or suggestion about how to kitten-proof your home? Let us know in the comments below or contact us today!

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