We’ve all seen those amazing purebred cats like the Scottish Fold, the Sphinx, and the Norwegian Forest Cat. They are beautiful and unique animals … and they are rarely seen in the world of cat rescue.

Usually the cats we see at the overcrowded shelters are “plain” or “unremarkable” cats. They are often seen as uninteresting: just a black and white kitten, a plain black cat, a boring tabby.

But those of us in animal rescue know beauty is more than just fur deep.

We look beyond the uninteresting coloring and see the personality of these amazing animals … but we also know that “love at first sight” is a popular saying for a reason. We almost always find something unique with every kitty that comes through our doors: crazy ear furnishings, interesting patterns in their coat, or an unusual meow. We love pointing out these interesting characteristics to potential adopters when they come in to meet our cats. Often when a new pet parent picks out a cat, it’s because they discover something that stands out to them about the animal.

The Story of Neki

As told by Karma Cat + Zen Dog volunteer, Rebecca

When I saw my Neki for the first time, I knew she was a beautiful calico kitten and I fell in love with her coloring. But when I got her home, I was able to study her and get to know her, and I found this band of color on the inside of her left front leg. I can’t tell you why I fell in love with that simple marking on my new kitten, but till this day, over 10 years later, I still love seeing and stroking that little stripe she has on her leg. It’s my favorite part of her coloring, but there are other marks that I love, like her sassy eyebrow that gives Neki her signature stare that my catsitters, friends and family are all familiar with.

Neki’s colorful leg.

Every foster kitten that comes to my house has a unique feature that stands out to me.

Right now I have Maverick, Hollywood, and Damisa running around my foster room. I immediately noticed that Maverick has adorable and unusual whiskers that curl forward, and the longest eyebrow whiskers I’ve ever seen. When I first saw shy Damisa, I thought she was a solid black house panther. But as she came out of her shell and I got to see her belly, I noticed she has some white spots. Not terribly unusual, but what I found funny is that her white spots kind of look like she’s wearing a white bikini. It makes me giggle every time she rolls over. She also has a single white whisker that stands out on her all black face. I’m still working on shy Hollywood, but I know I’ll find something unique about this “plain” black and white kitten. I can guarantee that almost every pet parent can point out something similar about their animal, cat, dog or otherwise, that makes them unique and lovable.

Next time you are at a shelter or adoption event, take the time to look closer.

Don’t skim over that plain tabby or boring black cat because they initially appear uninteresting. Instead take a moment and look closer … check out the whiskers, the toes, the ears, and the tail. Find the detail that makes that homeless animal your next family member.

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