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In this post, we’ll be sharing the story of Bryce and Buttah, two kitties who were adopted a few months apart but who are very much brothers. The two boys share a cat mom, Beth, who rescued Bryce in May 2017, and Buttah in September 2017. Read on to hear more about these two sweethearts – from Beth’s purrspective!

What motivated you to adopt Bryce and Buttah?

Cowboy Buttah

Back in May 2017, I adopted Bryce and just knew it was meant to be. Shortly after, I started volunteering and needed a friend for my Bryce. His big sister unfortunately was in the end stages of cancer and I knew he would need a kitty friend to bond with. That’s when I adopted Buttah.

How old were your pets when you adopted them, and how old are they now?

Bryce was 8 months old, and he is now 2 years old. Buttah was 1 year old when I adopted him, and he is now 2 years old, as well.

Did you have pets previously? If these were your first pets, what made you decide to take the plunge?

I had a household of two cats and two dogs. I knew that I could give a great home to some fuzzy babies waiting to have a great life!

How did you hear about/decide to adopt from Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society?

I knew that while volunteering it’d be hard to resist taking on a new little someone that needed a home. After the wonderful help I received from KCZD with a feral situation (which included Bryce and his 6 week old sister!), I knew I wanted to be a part of such a wonderful organization. All the babies are so loved.

Describe when you first met your pets and how you knew they were the right pet for you.

Snuggly Bryce

This is how I met Bryce: One day I was looking out the window. I had eight feral cats running around. Out of my shed appeared two babies. I managed to trap them and bring them into my spare bedroom out of the November cold. They were so shy, but I felt a bond with Bryce in a strange way. In January 2017, KCZD took them in for spaying and neutering. They said the best thing was to keep them within the organization to socialize them with fosters. I got a call that Bryce was unable to be socialized in order to be put up for adoption and the best place for him would be return him to his colony outside at my house.  I was sad and that was that – I gave him a home.

I first met Buttah (and his brother Peanut that got adopted) during one of my volunteer shifts. I didn’t know much about him. I put in an application to adopt and the adoption crew went to work to find me a purrfect match to my home situation. They told me Buttah was confident and would do well with my dogs. He would also do well with Bryce who was still a bit timid.

Describe bringing your pets home – how did the adjustment period go? Do you have any other pets or children? If so, how did they adjust to your new addition?

In May 2017, scared, shy Bryce was returned to his original bedroom in my home for later release outside to his colony. That never happened. He desperately tried to get the attention of his siblings under the door. He snuggled on my lap and always requested attention. After three days he bonded with me, my sons and his furry siblings. Bryce knew all along where he belonged.

Later that year when I adopted Buttah, I walked into the adoption center with my carrying cage and put it on the floor. Many cats were out playing and Buttah ran right into carrier.  He knew he was going home.

When I got home, I knew to keep him separate to make a slow introduction. Well, that confident young man lasted in his private room for just one day.  He was eager to meet the rest of the fur family.

He bonded immediately to his 10-year-old cat sister and 1-year-old cat brother — and his 10-year-old dog sister and 9-month-old dog brother!

If applicable, describe any personality/behavior changes from since you brought your pets home, to now.

Bryce, the once shy, scared, feral kitty has made a total turn around. Although he still stays away from visitors, he is very comfortable here. The bond that he has with his canine brother is incredible, and he loves his brother Buttah.

Since day one Buttah has taken over. He has become a great snuggler and is always right by my side.

How would you describe your pets’ personalities?

Bryce is a sweet, loving little guy. Although he can get scared easily, he knows he is safe in this household. He is very verbal at mealtime.

Buttah keeps me on my toes. He makes me laugh every day and I love to share his stories.

Please describe any silly/quirky traits your pets have.

Bryce loves to wrestle his brother while standing on his hind legs, and napping with his dog brother is a must.

With Buttah, I never know where I may find him. It may be the dishwasher, dryer, kitchen cabinets or disconnecting the dryer hose. He likes to play bell-ball in the bathtub.

One last note from the adopter…

Everything’s better with BUTTAH! And I trusted KCZD with their expert opinion with the return of Bryce – his whole world changed when he arrived BACK HOME; he knew this is where he belonged. Welcome home, Mr. Bryce. Thank you, KCZD, for making our family complete.

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