Welcome back to our third edition of Adoption Tails, our blog series that highlights your pet’s special journey!

In this post, we’ll be sharing the story of Caspian, the sweet black-and-white boy who found his forever home with a Karma Cat + Zen Dog volunteer in April 2011! Read on to learn more about Caspian, from his mom Katie’s point of view.

Caspian hanging with his canine friends!

What motivated you to adopt Caspian?

I had grown up with cats and have always been an animal lover.

How old was your pet when you adopted them, and how old are they now?

Caspian was estimated to be about 4 or 5 years old when I adopted him, meaning he’s about 11 or 12 now.

Did you have pets previously? If this is your first pet, what made you decide to take the plunge?

I have always had pets!

How did you hear about/decide to adopt from Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society?

I went to PetSmart to check out dog adoptions. My boyfriend at the time and I wanted to get a friend for our one dog. There were no dogs but I bumped into Karma Cat that day. I ended up asking for help with the mom cat and kittens that were at my office and that resulted in me being a volunteer where I met Caspian.

Describe when you first met your pet and how you knew they were the right pet for you.

I’m not sure how long I had been volunteering when I met Caspian. Of course I had met a ton of sweet, lovable, perfect cats but Caspian literally climbed into my arms and my life. Caspian likes to be held a very specific way: two paws on your shoulder, with his butt in your hands like a little human. He would follow me around the adoption room, climb to the highest points, and put his two little paws on my shoulder looking to be held. He absolutely melted me. I knew he was special and I wanted him but had an asthmatic allergic boyfriend.

Caspian and his little human BFF.

Describe bringing your pet home – how did the adjustment period go? Do you have any other pets or children? If so, how did they adjust to your new addition?

I asked my boyfriend if I could foster Caspian and he reluctantly agreed. I’m not sure if subconsciously I knew I was tiptoeing my way into keeping him – testing the waters a bit. We had 2 dogs and Caspian mostly stayed in a room by himself but as time went on, I would let him out to wander. He always wanted to snuggle right on my boyfriend’s head. There were never any issues with Caspian and the dogs.

Being held like a little baby!

If applicable, describe any personality/behavior changes from since you brought your pet(s) home, to now.

One of the top reasons I love Caspian – he is always Caspian. He was happy and looking for love in the adoption room, happy and looking for love in his foster room, happy and looking for love today. When guests come to my home, he is the first to greet them. All he ever wants is to snuggle with whoever is willing to give out pets; and even if you are not willing to give them out he just wants to be near or on you.

How would you describe your pet’s personality?

A lover! Caspian lives to be held or sleep on your head or chest. He craves human interaction at all times. If there is a human around, then so is Caspian.

Please describe any silly/quirky traits your pet has.

The way he likes to be held is his quirkiest trait – he is most comfortable being held like a small child looking over your shoulder. He also seems to have a way of finding whoever is least interested in giving him love and choosing that person to sit on.

Quirky Caspian!

One last note from the adopter…

My favorite thing about Caspian is how he turns “non cat” people into “cat people.” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “I don’t like cats but I like this cat.”  He is a special guy and I’ve never taken for granted how lucky I am that he is mine.


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