Welcome to the sixth edition of Adoption Tails, our blog series that highlights YOUR pet’s story!

Today we are telling the tale of sweet Ella Christine, from her mom Melanie’s purrspective. Read on!

When did you adopt Ella Christine?

I adopted her on June 4th, 2011.

How old was Ella Christine when you adopted her, and how old is she now?

She was a year-and-a-half old when I adopted her and she turned 9 years old last November 9th!

What motivated you to adopt Ella Christine?

We had new construction in our home and little field mice were getting in the house so my brother suggested adopting a cat. He figured what better way to get rid of them and get the chance to rescue a cat that needed a loving home. 

Did you have pets previously?

My family and I had a parakeet all through my childhood and we also had a Japanese Akita in my teenage years. Ella Christine is my first cat. I never really felt connected to cats when I was younger but after being around some awesome cats (from friends of mine) I really started to love them.

How did you hear about/decide to adopt from Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society?

I found Ella on Petfinder.  I took one look at her and knew she was the one for me. I just got lucky that she was part of such an incredible organization! And being that I am a “karma and zen” kind of person, it solidified it for me even more! I even drove 45 minutes to go meet her at PetSmart.  People kept saying why are you going all the way to North Brunswick when there are so many other places closer to home, but just knew she was the one I wanted to love.

Describe when you first met Ella Christine and how you knew she was the right pet for you.

I went to meet her first before I was able to take her home. When I walked up to see her she was resting so peacefully. I am a calm person so she matched my personality perfectly. They had told me she was very sweet but also very shy, so when she approached me and let me pet her I fell in love.

Describe bringing Ella Christine home – how did the adjustment period go?

She HATES the car so she cried all the way home. I was so upset for her and wondered if the cars around me thought I was abusing a small child. I played meditation music for her and talked to her the entire way (a 45 minute drive) but she was not having it. I think she was so happy to be out of the car and out of the carrier that once we got into the house she was totally calm and relaxed. I was actually surprised that she didn’t hide; She just explored a little bit curiously (as she still does now) and then laid with me on the couch where I took the cutest pictures of her. She was so sweet and tiny…

If applicable, describe any personality/behavior changes from since you brought Ella Christine home, to now.

She went from extremely shy to very outgoing. She protects her domain and I often tell her this is clearly her house (haha). Although she is still somewhat on the timid side and really only loves her mama, she has most definitely come out of her shell.

How would you describe Ella Christine’s personality?

She is timid yet curious, independent at times but loving and needy too. I have definitely spoiled her and she shows it, but she is sweet, never ever aggressive, and absolutely full of love and contentment. And she is so smart, knows exactly how to play me but she also knows exactly what I’m saying. It still amazes me how smart she is.

Please describe any silly/quirky traits Ella Christine has.

She knows my car so one of my favorite things about her is when she is either sitting on the top of couch looking out the window (wagging her tail) and waiting for me to come inside, or running down the hallway to greet me at the door (like a dog). When she is looking out the window, I can actually hear her meowing for me, it’s so cute!

She LOVES her belly rubs and she often just falls down onto her side (while we are walking) so I can rub her belly. It’s hysterical and she often does that when she knows I am heading out (it’s her way of saying “I’m so cute mommy, you can’t leave now”).  She also kneads the air while she’s on her back, with her furry little paws, it’s the most adorable thing. I usually nibble her “feets” while she is doing it and she loves it. She will end up putting her whole foot on my head or my face while I rub her belly and she kneads.

She has her crazy moments of running around (usually after she poops) which is hysterical to me. And I love when she does her silent meows and moves just the tip of her tail when I ask her where her tail is or if she loves mama. It’s so cute! 

Please provide any additional stories or information that you’d like to tell us about Ella Christine.

She is my baby love and I love her with every ounce of me. I always say I never thought I could love something so much but she is truly my baby.

I have spoiled her rotten and she gets whatever she wants but I always tell her that even though I rescued her, she really rescued me too. She is truly MY baby, loves me more than anyone else but that’s because she knows who loves her back. She is my shadow (follows me around the house), my pain in the butt sometimes, but our mommy/baby moments (every morning before work and every night before bed) is the best part of my day. She looks at me with love in her eyes and she knows I will always protect and love her forever. All I know is she is the sweetest girl and like no other cat I have ever known. I got so lucky when I adopted her.


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