In case you missed it, we unveiled a totally rockin’ new design at our annual Paws for Celebration fundraiser a couple of weeks ago. If you’re a fan of AC/DC (who isn’t?), you’re going to love it. Check it out:

(Love the look? You can buy a T-shirt here!)

Who created the design, you ask? Whose idea was it? We’re glad you asked! Read all about it:

Who is the designer?

The man behind the design is none other than our newest Marketing Director, Brian Kondás! Brian has worked at Viacom for 13 years, where he began his career as a web content developer at Spike TV, and gradually moved over to the “entertainment channels,” which include Comedy Central and TV Land. Now, Brian is an Art Director at Viacom Velocity, which is Viacom’s Internal Creative Agency/Custom Content Studio.

Brian first learned about KCZD when his family adopted Jazmine and Xena from the Grease Monkey litter. Then, they fostered (and subsequently adopted) Ed and Caspurr, along with their sister, Daphne. Brian and his crew grew an appreciation for the rescue and its friendly volunteers, and wanted to help in any and every way possible. On top of kicking butt at KCZD’s design work, Brian is also a cleaner/socializer at our Milltown Adoption Center and helps the crafters, too! (Click here if you’re interested in volunteering with us!)

From here on, the rockin’ AC/DC-KC/ZD design story will be told from Brian’s perspective.

What inspired the design?

I’ve always loved music, and was inspired by musical logos, branding, and design at an early age. I’ve always loved album cover artists like Roger Dean, Storm Thorgerson, Andie Airfix; gig posters, vinyl record sleeves, liner notes; and I totally geek out over clever album packaging and printing techniques, like the die cuts in The Rolling Stones’ “Some Girls” and Led Zeppelin III’s “Spinning Wheel.” Making a design that merges my love for animals and music was a no brainer!

Have you always been involved in design?

I’ve always thought of myself as a creative. I survived my public school days doodling and drawing, and taking art and photography classes, as well as metal shop and wood shop. I always felt a need to create. I’ve worked as a sign maker, dabbled in airbrushing and truck lettering, and currently design my own beer labels for my home brew!

When did you create the design?

I initially created the first design for fun after seeing KCZD being abbreviated in different places around the Milltown Adoption Center. I always thought of the group as a bunch of rock stars!

How long did it take?

A split second my mind, a little longer in Illustrator. 😉

Tell us some fun facts about the design!

After Christie (our awesome boss lady!) approached me about using my original “just for fun” design at our annual Paws for Celebration benefit dinner, I sat down at my home office desk and threw AC/DC tunes on shuffle for inspiration. Inspiration was what I got, and I also realized I had been vastly under-appreciating the band’s extensive catalog!

As I plugged along, the “For Those About to Rock/We Salute You” thematic carried over to other parts of the event design. If you attended the event, you probably noticed the “Saving Lives Rocks” line on the wine glasses (they’re rocking glasses, get it?!), and the Viacom Velocity “We Salute You” cards that were included in the sponsored gift bag. The event poster was also inspired by concert/festival poster art.


Are you digging the new design? Order a T-shirt here (for a good cause)!


Needless to say, Brian had a “rockin'” time designing our new look, and we’re very excited to see what other art he will create to “amplify” our organization! Thanks, Brian!

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