Welcome to the 22nd edition of Adoption Tails, our blog series that highlights YOUR pet’s story!

In this Adoption Tail, we explore the story of sweet Jasmine. This beautiful girl was adopted in July 2020 by her cat mom, Elisa, and her husband, Edward. Jasmine was very shy at first, but now she is a purr machine! Read on to learn more about this girl’s journey into her forever home!

When did you adopt Jasmine?

July 13, 2020

How old was Jasmine when you adopted her, and how old is she now?

Jasmine as a kitten!

She was 2 months-old, and now she is 9 months -old.

What motivated you to adopt?

It was time for my husband and I to complete our family.

Did you have pets previously?

Yes, we both grew up with pets.

How did you hear about/decide to adopt from Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society?

I pass the Karma Cat building every day to work and I always see the cats playing by the windows.

Describe when you first met Jasmine and how you knew she was the right pet for you.

I just got a few pictures of her and my heart knew. Then the day the I picked her up she began purring in my arms. Just perfect!

Describe bringing Jasmine home – how did the adjustment period go?

Jasmine disappeared for few days. My husband spotted her and we finally got her to eat and show her that she was safe and loved.

If applicable, describe any personality/behavior changes from since you brought Jasmine home, to now.

Watching the snow!

Jasmine is just a little purring and playful girl!!

How would you describe Jasmine’s personality?

Really demanding!!

Please describe any silly/quirky traits Jasmine has.

She likes to fetch, be chased, and share her food with “Ducky;” her favorite toy!

Please provide any additional stories or information that you’d like to tell us about Jasmine and/or her adoption experience.

The best part of my experience was be able to count on all of the guidance and support from Krystal. Forever thankful!!


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