Welcome to the 24th edition of Adoption Tails, our blog series that highlights YOUR pet’s story!

In this Adoption Tail, we explore the story of Moose. This handsome boy was adopted in August 2021 by his cat mom, Beth. Read on to learn more about this boy’s journey into his forever home!

When did you adopt Moose?

October 2021

How old was Moose when you adopted him, and how old is he now?

3 months when I adopted him, 7.5 months old right now.

What motivated you to adopt?

I knew the 1st  time I saw him that he would be mine

Did you have pets previously?

I have 2 other 5 1/2 yr old Karma Cats: Bryce and Buttah (BUTT). And a 14 yr old dog named Claire.

How did you hear about/decide to adopt from Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society?

Karma Cat + Zen Dog helped me With TNR in 2016 and with this amazing organization was love at 1st sight. I started volunteering in 2017.

Describe when you first met Moose and how you knew he was the right pet for you.

Moose was brought to the Milltown adoption center to meet his foster mama. I saw him and knew when he was old enough I was going to adopt him.  He had a minor illness and I was asked to foster him til he felt better. That was the best decision I made.

Describe bringing Moose home – how did the adjustment period go?

Moose and his foster partner Goose were kept isolated from the rest of my fur family at 1st. My cats Bryce and Butt were not to thrilled by the commotion of two 6 wk old kittens. I took it slow. Once Goose left to go to her  forever home I allowed my cats to get used to Moose one step at a time. My dog being a Cockapoo did not care. They are all buddies.

If applicable, describe any personality/behavior changes from since you brought Jinxy home, to now.

Moose knows he is the baby who thinks he can get away with a lot. Bryce has a lot of patience and Butt not so much. But they do learn the hierarchy.  They all do like each other.

How would you describe Moose’s personality?

Moose is a 7 month old with kitten energy. Keeps me laughing. He loves to hug and cuddle with his wet nose. While he is hugging he slips in a quick nip to my nose.

Please describe any silly/quirky traits Moose has.

Moose loves to steel dry dog food from a bowl while Claire is eating and shoot it around the house. His other favorite toy is a piece of pizza crust.  I find cat food behind doors that he has played with. What cat needs toys? 😉

Please provide any additional stories or information that you’d like to tell us about Moose and/or his adoption experience.

Moose was originally found in a parking lot at 3 days old. He still had his umbilical cord attached. He was being pecked at by large birds until he was rescued by an experienced by-stander. He was bottle fed until he was strong enough to eat on his own and enter our rescue. He has come so far and is a beautiful chocolate brown boy with beautiful green eyes. Thank you again Karma Cat for saving another baby.

My Baby?

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