Tau and Ekon are a pair of elegant, dashing floofs!  Both boys have super soft grey fur and big fluffy manes that are sure to impress!

Found outside as kittens, the boys were taken in by a local resident who later moved and dumped them back into their outside colony as adults.  Without the skills to survive outside, the boys were starved, matted, and suffering until our volunteer came along and saved them. The pair received the medical care they desperately needed, including dental surgery, mat removal, and treatment for infections. It took some time and patience, but now these beautiful boys are cleaned up and ready for adoption!

Ekon is a sweet but shy boy, with a white bib and socks that make him completely adorable. He loves to play with fuzzy mice and chase balls tossed into the air.  His brother Tau is chatty and affectionate, and enjoys a stable routine with lots of time to sit in the sunshine and groom his brother. These boys bring out the best in each other, and would do great in a quiet home with a family who understands they need time and patience to bring out their best selves.

Ekon is FIV/FeLV negative and Tau is FIV positive and FeLV negative.  They are both up to date with vaccinations, flea treated, dewormed, microchipped, and neutered. Their birthday is estimated to be around 3/11/2016.

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