2022 was a difficult year for so many people, and our little rescue family did not escape hard times. However, with the good will of so many supporters and volunteers, we were able to overcome the challenges and make a difference for hundreds of animals in our community. Our mission continues into 2023 – let’s save some lives! — Krystal Hasard, Executive Director

Check out our 2022 numbers at a glance!

255 TNR’d Cats

Last year, we trapped, neutered, and returned 255 feral cats in the community. TNR is the most humane and effective way to manage feral cat populations.

518 Adoption Hours

We held almost 22 days’ worth of adoption hours at our Milltown Adoption Center (located at 39 South Main Street in Milltown, NJ)! In case you need a refresher, our adoption hours are as follows:

  • Wednesday and Friday: 5-7 PM
  • Saturday: 3-7 PM
  • Sunday: 11-3 PM

79 Shelter Transfers

The Karma Cat + Zen Dog team prioritizes pulling animals from local municipal shelters to give them another chance and to help the shelters make space to take in more animals. In particular, we have a strong partnership with the Woodbridge Animal Shelter, and a few other municipal shelters.

187 Volunteers

Our volunteers are simply the best, and we have a lot of them! From fosters and socializers to crafters and adoption counselors, we have a volunteer position for nearly anyone. Browse our volunteering opportunities today and help us make 2023 awesome, too!

144 Foster Cats and 44 Foster Homes

Fostering is a great way to increase the capacity of animals we can care for and provide a comfortable, safe haven for cats. Last year, our 44 foster homes provided shelter, love, and care for 144 foster cats.

41 Strays Taken in From Our Community and 61 Owner Surrenders

In addition to the animals we pulled from local shelters, in 2022 we also took in 41 strays and 61 pets that their owners surrendered.

4 Lost Cats Found

Losing a pet is an incredibly stressful situation. We’re glad to have helped four escaped kitties return to their homes in 2022.

24 Merch Events

From wine tastings to attending local festivals, we were busy attending 24 events in 2022 (where we showed off our awesome handmade merch!)

2,273 Social Media Posts

That’s a lot of adorable and informative updates! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date. And remember, we also love seeing your “fur baby” updates!

5 TV and Radio Appearances

Our partnership with Magic 98.3 is nothing short of, well, magical! We are grateful for another successful year with the Magic 98.3 Kitty Korner and Kennel Club.

~15,184 Miles Walked on ResQwalk

Did you know you can help raise money for the animals just by walking (or biking or running)? The ResQwalk app makes that possible, and together our supporters walked, biked, or ran over 15,000 miles in 2022. To get started, simply download the free app and be sure to select Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society as the organization you’re supporting.

Each one of these things has helped 183 animals find their forever homes!


Thank you for your support. We truly couldn’t have made the impact we did without each of our volunteers, adopters, and supporters. Here’s to a great 2023!

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