No, it’s not just about food; all the love you give your cat is truly reciprocated! This Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing all the ways your lovely fur-friend is telling you they love you.

1. They give you a “slow blink”

If your cat looks at you with half-closed eyes, they’re not sleepy, they’re telling you how relaxed they feel around you, and how special you are to them.  Direct eye contact from your cat usually happens only when they truly trust you and love you. Next time you catch your cat giving you a “slow blink,” try slow blinking back. But be careful, this can truly be addictive and you may find yourself blinking back and forth with your cat all day!

2. They bump their head on you

Also called “head butting,” this is the kitty version of fist bumping. Cats use physical contact to rub their special pheromones on people to claim them as their own. And you thought you owned a cat? No, no, my friends, once kitty has head butted you, they have claimed you as their very own. You are now their special person, complete with signature kitty perfume.

3. They lick you with their tiny tongue

When your cat licks you, they’re grooming you just like they would their own kittens. Or maybe they’re remembering how lovely it was when their momma licked them, and they want to share that special feeling with you. Either way, it’s a sweet way to show how much they love you. Though we here at Karma Cat + Zen Dog don’t necessarily recommend grooming them back. Coughing up hair balls is quite unpleasant!

4. They go belly up

Rolling over and showing their soft belly is an extremely vulnerable position for your cat. It’s the ultimate showing of trust and love. Just be careful and watch those claws! They may show their belly, but that rarely means they want you to touch it. Such a tease! It can be a bit embarrassing when kitty goes belly up in front of your dinner party guests. You can gently mention that your kitty only does this with people she loves and trusts. And pass the hummus…

5. They cuddle up next to you

If your cat curls up near or even next to you for a nap or some quiet relaxing time, why my friend, that’s love. Not all cats like to hang in your lap or cuddle on your shoulder. Sometimes just being in the same room with someone they love is all they need. It’s so compelling to watch a shy cat go from looking at you across the room, to lying down on the other side of the sofa, to finally lying next to you.

6. They follow you or wait for you to get home

Just like our human friends, they follow us around because they want to be with us. Just being in our presence makes them feel happy and loved. The feeling is mutual, even if they follow us into the bathroom during bath time! How nice is it to be greeted with meows and ankle rubs when we get home from a long hard day! We were missed and they are so glad when we get back to them again.

7. They talk to you

Have you ever noticed that cats don’t usually meow at other cats? They save meowing just for us. For better or for worse, the more the meow, the more they feel connected to you! Try to remember this at 2 a.m., when they’re saying how much they love you instead of letting you sleep…

Does your kitty do one or more of these behaviors? If so – they’ve shown you that they love you! This Valentine’s Day (and beyond), take a moment to appreciate all the ways your kitty shows love and give them some in return.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a loving cat or help some find homes, Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society can help you out.  Click here to browse our current adoptables or here to learn about volunteering with us.

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