Way back in 2010, this sweet and sassy calico was rescued with her 5 babies (affectionately called “the meepers”) from a community cat colony. Everyone was acclimated to indoor living, vetted and then the real work began: finding loving homes for them all. With A LOT of support from friends, family, and animal rescue superstars homes were found AND Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society was formed! That momma cat is the OG (original) Karma and she’s still living the plush indoor life with KCZD founder Christie. 


image by Michelle Arlotta Photography
image by Michelle Arlotta Photography

Can you help us continue with our mission by making a donation? We’ve set a lofty goal of $13,000 but we know our supporters will help us get there! Follow us on social media this week for some stories that really highlight the animals KCZD is able to rescue because of your support! See the short stories below about just a few of the cats that we’ve saved recently. 

Thank you from everyone (humans and animals) at Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society!

It’s time to un-jinx Jinx! This super sweet, senior boy is ready to have his life turned around by the love and care of everyone at Karma Cat + Zen Dog! Skinny diabetic and in need of a dental? Don’t worry buddy, we got you! Our shelter partners are great but there are times when a cat REALLY needs to be in a rescue foster home. As we honor our 13 years of service, we can’t think of a more deserving cat to spend a little extra time and money on.

Look at this pile of adorableness plus a bit of metal-cat vibes! Whoever adopts “that guy” should really consider the name Alice Cooper! Besides being super adorbs, packs of kittens like this love running up the rescue’s food and vet bills. We are so grateful to everyone that has donated to this birthday campaign!

Here is one of the sweetest cats in NJ and she’s got the name to prove it. Candie was transferred to us from a local shelter as she was in need of some extra TLC. Notice anything “different” about Candie in this pic?

Candie only has about half a tail! She lost the top half to a slamming door. She’s healing up quickly though and will be ready for adoption soon. Donations allow us to save more cats like Candie – those that need the extra medical attention along with a supportive foster home.

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