Our Director Team

Krystal Hasard, Executive Director

Starting her journey with Karma Cat + Zen Dog in 2015, Krystal has a deep love and respect for all living things and is grateful for this work!

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Anjali Venkat, Milltown Adoption Center Manager

Anjali joined our team in mid 2022. Her good humor and helpful personality keeps our adoption center running flawlessly!

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Lauren Seber, Senior Director of Animal Care

A past adopter, Lauren fell in love with her own Karma Cat, Jackfrost, in 2019!  She joined us as a volunteer and is an amazing asset to our programs!

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Leanne Puia, Senior Director of Programs

Leanne joined the team in 2021 and has very quickly become a highly skilled member of many of our programs! Her organization skills are second-to-none and we’re not sure how we’d live without her now!

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Beth Post, Senior Director of Medical

Beth joined us in 2017 and has won everyone over with her quirky sense of humor and heart of gold.  Her beloved kitties match her purrsonality perfectly – just ask her all about BUTT, Moose, and Bryce!

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Brian Kondás, Visual Communications Director

Brian and his family have been members of our group since 2016! Brian’s creativity is matched only by his love of animals, which is reflected in the collection of unique pets that are part of his family!

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Debbie Mattson, Adoption Director

Debbie has been with KCZD since 2011. Her dedication and love of the animals we save is unshakeable, and she has helped hundreds of families match with their purrfect companions!

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Marina Godich, Feline Socializing Director

Marina joined the organization in 2018.  Her gentle touch and instinctive understanding of our feline’s needs has given priceless second chances to so many of our kittes.

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