Lisa Zoda and Michelle Gold, Volunteer Directors

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Lisa Zoda & Michelle Gold have been with Karma since 2014. In fact, even after buying their house 45 minutes away, they refused to be part of any other animal rescue organization closer to them because of their love for Karma. 

Lisa is a Licensed Account Representative for NJM Insurance & Michelle works within the State Of NJ. 

They adopted their kitty, Noah, who is Karma Cat alumni. March 16th will be his 1 year anniversary with them & they love him with all their hearts. 
Lisa is also a freelance makeup artist & Michelle is a Pound instructor at their local gym. 
A fun fact about Lisa is that she ran 4 virtual charity runs during the pandemic & a fun fact about Michelle is that she was in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade years ago! 
October 2nd will be their 10 year wedding anniversary! 

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