Assistance Requests

Have you found a stray kitty on the streets? Need to rehome your loving companion? Don’t know what to do if your kitty is acting strangely?

Education Events

While Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society will do their best to help, we are not veterinarians, animal behaviorists, or able to guarantee assistance in any particular case. We’re just a group of local animal loving volunteers doing our best to make a difference in our neighborhood. Our ability to help is dependent on many changing circumstances at any given time, such as volunteer availability, space, equipment availability, and funding.

We encourage you to fill out the request forms, but please continue to look for other avenues for other help, such as:

  • Local shelters for stray cats
  • TNR groups or learning to trap yourself for feral strays
  • Visiting your veterinarian for medical related issues.

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