Volunteer Opportunities

Cleaning and Feeding (Need Weekend Cleaner/Feeders)

One of our most important jobs – the kitties at our Milltown Adoption Center require feeding 2x per day. The job includes feeding, scooping the litter box, enclosure cleaning, handling the cats, and general clean-up such as sweeping and mopping.

Cleaning/Feeding volunteers tend to be our eyes and ears on the daily health of our kitties. As such, additional activities include observing, recording, and communicating findings (appetite, elimination) and any noteworthy behavior or signs of illness to our director team. Bonus kitty playtime and snuggles! Some cat experience is preferred.

Time Commitment: 2 to 3-hour block weekly or biweekly. Shifts are morning (8 to 11 AM) and evening (7 PM to 9:30 PM).

The kitties at our Milltown Adoption Center benefit immensely from extra attention. Our socializing volunteers help get our kitties out of the condos for some love and exercise. The shift includes taking time to meet the socializing needs of each individual animal to help them become more friendly and adoptable. Needs vary, but generally include play and snuggle time.

Socializers are also our eyes and ears on the daily health of our kitties so they also observe, record, and communicate any behavior or signs of illness they observe during their shift to our director team. Cat experience is preferred.

Time Commitment: 2-hour block weekly or biweekly, additional as desired! Shift times vary, but they generally occur between noon and 5 PM.

Adoption Counselors work side-by-side with Adoption Directors at PetSmart and our Milltown Adoption Center during adoption hours to show off our animals to potential adopters. They review potential applicants, supervise meet and greets, and complete adoption procedures and paperwork. Some cat experience is preferred. 

Time Commitment: 2.5-hour block weekly or biweekly.

KCZD wouldn’t exist without the help of dedicated foster homes. We accept applications for dog and cat fosters. Fosters follow care protocols and remain in contact with our adoption and medical teams. Fosters need to be able to administer medication. KCZD supplies the food, litter, and vet care – you supply the love! Some animal experience is preferred.

Time Commitment: Min. 3 weeks in home, with transport to/from adoption hours and other as needed.

KCZD is a non-profit organization, and we rely on fundraising efforts to be able to save lives. If you have any interest in assisting with fundraising initiatives, this might be the area for you.

We also attend many events throughout the year, and we need volunteers to assist by transporting and setting up the tent and merchandise, selling merchandise at the event table, talking to the public about KCZD and encouraging them to visit our booth, as well as packing up and transport home. Representing KCZD is a fun and rewarding way to contribute to our fundraising efforts.

Time Commitment: Various; based on event sign-up and availability.

Our Crazy Crafters supply most of the home-made merchandise we sell at event tables. The group gets together periodically to work on projects together and generally have a great time bonding with like-minded people. Many projects can be done at home.

Time Commitment: Various at home crafting; group meets up to 1x per month.

TNR stands for Trap Neuter Return. This humane program is designed to help minimize the feral cat population living in New Jersey. TNR programs require volunteer help to trap, feed, and transport kitties.

Time Commitment: Various

Don’t see anything here that fits for you, or have another skill you’d like to bring to our organization?  Let us know! We are always looking for talented volunteers who want to bring something new to KCZD.

Time Commitment: TBD

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